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Are you based in Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire or Midlands and need residency or employment at a learning disability care home? If so, look no further than Beechwood House. We cater for individuals with learning disabilities, Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) and complex care needs, placing strong emphasis on a person-centred care approach that engages clients in meaningful activities aimed at improving wellbeing and autonomy. People who join our staff team must be passionate about supporting people with individualised care planning and compassionately working with both residents and their families to choose a lifestyle that suits their personal needs and preferences.

For further information about how we work at our learning disability care home, keep reading or get in touch with Beechwood House.

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About Wendy Stevens

Wendy Stevens, the owner of our learning disability care home, has a longstanding interest and experience in finding more effective ways of protecting children and vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) and complex care needs. She believes that efforts should be aimed at strengthening and empowering children, young people, families and the wider community to create a more supportive environment in which individuals can reflect, connect with each other and learn to solve problems.

Wendy is an approved social worker, Best Interest Assessor, an NHS Safeguarding Lead and head assessor of quality management systems. She therefore has strong experience of developing safeguarding systems and quality practice that enhances risk identification, harm prediction, traceability and continual improvement. A key founder of Beechwood House, Wendy currently conducts regular audits as well as stakeholder and gap analysis to highlight areas of deficiency and potential system improvement for Local Authorities and their partnerships.




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At Beechwood House, we value the time, skills and expert opinions of staff members, and expect them to share their suggestions for improving the person-centred care provided at our learning disability care home. Applicants must have experience in the care sector and have a determination to push our company forward, refining the quality working operations and caregiving in a way that allows us provide a higher quality of person-centred care to more people in the future.

We are committed to providing fair living wages and reasonable, structured work schedules, with clear duties and spheres of responsibilities for each team member. Staff will not be expected to do work for which they are not trained. Our aim is to provide jobs which don’t just give sustenance to workers’ families but also provide a platform to make a difference to the world around them by giving expert personalised assistance to our community’s most vulnerable members.



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Our on-site Skilled Residential Facility is designed to ensure continuity of care for residents who require more intensive and prolonged assistance at our learning disability care home. We use apprentices, volunteers and students, which considerably lowers the cost of care and allows for fair wages and greater staff satisfaction, thereby reducing the turnover rate among staff members.

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