Learning disability care home in Derbyshire. Downs Syndrome acquired brain injury.

Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) impact each individual differently, causing permanent disability for some and affecting behaviour in others, which is why the support system at our learning disability care home is based entirely around resident requirements. We believe in providing stability and continuity of care, working hard to recruit the ideal residential care team, communicate closely with the resident’s family, and provide ongoing supervision of a consistently high standard.

Whether you need traumatic brain injury support, hydrocephalus support or stroke aftercare, our residential care team understands the specialist and ongoing care necessary to the process of recovering and rebuilding. Neurological problems can change in their nature over time, which is why we regularly update and assess care plans for people with Acquired Brain Injuries. You can trust that Beechwood House will provide the ideal environment in which to receive support, develop great relationships, and regain maximum independence.

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The Beechwood House Vision

Care, comfort, compassion and credibility lies at the heart of the care that we provide at our learning disability care home. We seek to create a space in which residents are free to access as little or as much residential care as they need. Beechwood House, the site of our learning disability care home, is a beautiful building constructed in 1887, sitting a few miles from the idyllic Peak District National Park. With this peaceful setting paired with our person-centred, ever-evolving residential care plan we seek to make residents feel truly at home in a happy and engaging environment.